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About me

My name is Lee, a web designer based in Basildon, Essex (about 35 minutes from London). I started out at an agency in London in 2010 designing and building websites for SME’s, developing primarily on the SilverStripe and CS Cart platforms.

Fast forward 7 years and I’m now working on my own as a freelancer, mostly at home or anywhere with a decent internet connection. My days are spent working on client websites, working closely with other agencies on design or WordPress development projects; or designing and building my own WordPress themes (take a gander).

Freedom to create

Playing a role in both design and the development stages has given me an insight into what’s possible as well as how to design for css frameworks.

I love to try new things and experiment, which isn’t always feasible on a client website – which is why I love to develop my own WordPress themes.

This gives me a great chance to try out new technologies, new design ideas and generally hone in on my skills. I’ve been an author on Envato for some years now and have made it to the “Elite” status, something I’m proud of!

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My skills


I’m very comfortable designing for both web and mobile, and love UI projects designing web apps. I’m very experienced with photoshop, and have made the move to Sketch for ui projects.


When it comes to development I’m very familiar with css, html, jQuery, php and WordPress frameworks such as Unyson & WooComemrce. I’m also an avid user of Bitbucket and Vagrant.

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