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The idea

After visiting various local cinema websites I noticed some were lacking basic features and functionality in some areas; such as displaying the films available today, with the next viewing times as well as viewing times which had passed.

I thought user reviews and comments on each movie would be a benefit to the user and help them make a decision on the right movie for them.

The approach

I started with a design which complimented the movie posters and trailers, posting the most important content on the homepage. The challenge was to get the current day of the user and their time so I could display available movies to them. Once I figured this out, I wanted to make administration a little easier in the back-end; allowing admins to schedule movies so they will only display on the website between x & y date. This would allow them to bulk upload content and schedule the movies for release and automatically take them down.

Cinema website design

The outcome

I was happy with the outcome of this website as it achieved what I had set out to do, making it easy for the user to navigate the site and find next available moves for them. For the admin having the ability to schedule movies for release allows them bulk create tasks and movies.

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