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The idea

Being a big fan of craft ale, cider and all things beer; I wanted to start a project on something I’m passionate about. Something that can be used by breweries or retailers, and meet their needs. From the outset I planned to design and build something unique, different to the usual eCommerce website but functional at the same time.

The approach

I started with research, browsing eCommerce beer stores – finding what works and what doesn’t work so well; but more importantly how I can improve on those areas. Most eCommerce websites I found were simply that, an eCommerce store designed to sell products alone. I wanted to build something that could sell products, but could also be used by a micro brewery to showcase their beer, what they’re about, their history as well as selling their product. Something with a little personality and character.

Beer eCommerce website

The outcome

I think I achieved what I set out to do, finding a balance between a brochure type website and an eCommerce store, allowing a user to add character to their website, whilst still push to sell products. I used WordPress and WooCommerce as the content management system and eComemrce platforms. Custom built allowing users to build their own pages, and structure the website to what suits them. You can see this in the homepage variations.

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