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App Shift

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The client

AppShift are a technology company which allow developers to tap into their API to access Google play and iTunes. Bundled with features, developers are able to pull information on any app within the app store, track trending and top apps as well as view analytical data.

The approach

When approached by AppShift they had no existing website, logo, brand or identity. After a talking things through with Jason, and getting a better insight into his business and the service they provide; I came up with some logo concepts and colour schemes for the website.

AppShift Web Design

The outcome

Once AppShift had decided on the logo and colour scheme I used these as the basis to design the website. The design makes use of flat elements and material design, using the colour palette to highlight sections and graphics. The website itself is HTML, and based off the Bootstrap css framework.

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AppShift Website Design


AppShift Website Design


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